Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sana Ali

Born in  in Lahore, Pakistan in 1983, Sana Ali completed her BFA at the Beaconhouse National University in 2007. She moved to Providence, RI in 2007 to pursue an MFA in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Her work uses the built and the natural landscape as the backdrop for uncovering fissures in space. The experience of the city of Lahore, where all kinds of histories (architectural, social, political) overlap, and simultaneously renounce and harmonize with each other, trigger a play of push and pull in the work. Fracture and fragmentation, balance and harmony are some of the key concepts that she observes in her environment and translates onto the page. 

Helga Pleban

Helga Pleban was born in Ann Arbor Michigan and grew up very close to the Michigan football stadium.

Helmut Schmidt Fan Club  oil on canvas  5' x 6' 2009

Hudson River Painting  oil on canvas   5'x 6' 2009

Rosalind Murray

Rosalind was born to a busker and a beatnik in 1970's Ireland. Winner of an award of excellence at RISD in 2009, she will attend Showhegan School of Painting and Drawing this summer. The sound piece 'Somewhere much better than here for you Love', a collaboration with Michael Bizon, was presented at the UCLA Wight Biennial, 2008. She visited the physicist David Peat in the Tuscan village of Pari and made 'Bell Campana' with petals on the floor. 'Prayerwall' exhibited in Ireland, the UK and Norway. Lynne Cooke selected ‘Conversations with daffodils’ for 'Perspective-2000' at the OBG, Belfast. 

Rosalind will present a series of performances in Adam House on Sunday afternoon.

Fairground Baby video wall-drawing performance with 1976 performance by Rory Gallagher on Youtube 2009

Corner projection Video of water-bugs  paper, string & 2 nails  dimensions variable 2009

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson makes use of the formal properties of the filibuster in his studio. Drawing on the filibuster's attributes -- that there are no requirements for content, that its' not politically aligned, that it's not entirely legal, that it tends to hold things up -- he grafts the dilatory tactic's formal properties onto an art practice.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Esteban del Valle

Esteban del Valle (B. 1984) is currently exploring issues surrounding the relationship between theology and the pursuit of “true” democracy. Drawn to the iconic imagery of revolutionary struggles as they appear in the genre of history painting, photography, and film, Esteban has been investigating the moral and ethical questions pertaining to the use of “force” in the struggle for justice and equality. Originally from Chicago, IL, Esteban completed his BFA at Southern Illinois University where he received a REACH Creativity research grant, and became a McNair Scholar. He has recently completed his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received a Presidential Scholarship, the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, and represented RISD at the 2009 New Insight exhibition at Art Chicago. Esteban will begin a year long residency in South Carolina at Hub-Bub this summer.

Interchangeable Flags and Sails  charcoal and acrylic on stretched paper  28” x 36”   2009

Revolutionary Attempt: Ship of State   charcoal, acrylic, tire rubber, and glitter on paper   12’ x 9’   2009

Martin Smick

Born in Massachusetts in 1977, Martin Smick got his BFA in 2000 from Washington University in St Louis. He has lived in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York before moving to Providence for graduate study two years ago. He is a proud member of the RISD Balls!

Four Stars oil on canvas 50" x 60" 2009

Wood Triangle, Red Triangle oil and tempera on mdf 14" x 34" 2009

Nora Korsts Salzman

Nora was born and raised in Chicago. She received her BFA in 2005 from Washington University in St. Louis, and also studied at Bard College and The New York Studio School. She loves the Internet and all the wonders to be found there.
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Replica Reuben oil on paper mache, human eyelashes 19" x 15" x 7.5" 2009

Replica Reuben Masking as Nora archival inkjet print 16" x 24" 2009